Caiman Camping Lagartococha 5Days

caimlod sunset

  At Cuyabeno it is possible to identify over 500 different species of colorful birds ranging from tiny hummingbirds to the majestic Harpy Eagle, found only in the rain forest. There are up to 240 different species of plants in just one hectare, each one with a specific practical or medical use. Macaws, Parrots, Toucans, Monkeys, Freshwater dolphins, Caymans and Anacondas, Jaguars, anteaters, sloths, manatees and armadillos, are just some of the mammals that live in the Cuyabeno reserve, and in the depths of the black waters thrive piranhas, catfish, the gigantic Arapaima (reaching over 2 meters), and many other species of fresh water fish.

Camping 5 days 4 nights Full Adventure Lagartocochacaimanlod
Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything, enjoy the direct contact with all the wildlife that offers our tour in Lagartococha.

Day 1 - 09:30 am Departure from Lago Agrio towards the Town Center Union, which is located on the banks of the river Aguarico and travel time 2 hours 15 min in our private transport.
- Lunch - break - explanation of the area and activity performed by our guide explained.
- Travel by canoe down the Rio Aguarico for 3 hours in which we can appreciate the beautiful forest, and different types of birds and animals.
- Arrival of Tabernacles James; accommodation, dinner and night walk.caim5

Day 2 - 07:00 am Breakfast.
- continue the tour in our fast canoe (DESLISADOR) along the Rio Aguarico for a period of 45 minutes to the entrance of Río Lagartos, where we stop to make our record in the nursery (Environment) and leave in place the canoe fast (DESLISADOR) and use small canoes accompanied by a native guide for a time of 1 hour 30 minutes, where we will have the opportunity to see wildlife in abundance (monkeys, birds, dolphins, and others) to get to our place camping, where we expect a delicious lunch - break.
- 3:30 p.m. Exploring the flooded jungle by motorized canoe and paddle distances looking for strategic locations for sport fishing for piranhas.caim1
- Dolphin Sunset from the Laguna Cocha.
- Dinner.
- Search for alligators.
- Break.

Day 3 - 6:00 a.m. birding around the lagoons.
- 08:00 am Breakfast.
- 09:30 am Walk jungle for a period 3 hours where guides explain the flora and fauna and survival forms, can also appreciate mammals in the area.
- 13:00 pm Lunch.aa delfin de ro
- Break.
- Watching dolphins in the Yacuguarmi community.
- Return to the place of camping.
- Sunset at one of the oxbow lakes lizard and breakfast.

Day 4 - 07:00 am Breakfastshaman 1
- we take our boat to know the Cuyabeno river that is located in the upper part of the Cuyabeno Reserve in which we will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Amazonico corridor that will cross rivers: Lagarto, Aguarico and Cuyabeno.
- Arrive at our camping spot.
- Accommodation, lunch.
- Break.
- 3:00 p.m. We will go where the people of the Quechua community expect us to let us know their medicinal plants, handicrafts show, let us try their delicious dishes. (maitos fish, cassava, and the famous chicha de yuca.).loroscaiman
- We will also have the opportunity to appreciate the traditional dances of the Quechua community and especially to share their stories.
- Dinner.
- Extra Night walk to have the opportunity to learn more nocturnal insects and animal life.
- Farewell cocktail.

Day 5 - 05:45 am We will get up to give a ride on the Cuyabeno river to appreciate the beautiful sunrises Amazon and make bird watching and canoe from a beautiful tower that covers the canopy of one of the largest species of trees Amazon known as CEIBOS.
- 08:00 am Breakfast.
- 09:30 am Return to Lago Agrio.
- 14:30 pm Arrival at Lago Agrio.

Includes                                                                      Not Included
Food and Drink (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)                Alcoholic drinks bar
Accommodation: we provide double rooms, triple            Transportation to and from Quito
and multiple all with private bath and shower.                 Entrance fees to visit Siona community $ 10, 00
Transport from Lago Agrio - Caiman Lodge - Lago
Agrio.                                                                          What to Bring
A fully guided program with an expert naturalist              Sunglasses, lantern, swimwear, sunscreen,
Amazons’ guide in English.                                             insect repellent, water bottle.
Rain ponchos and boots for the duration of the tour

Electricity, Cellphones & Internet
There is electricity in Caiman Lodge, not all day, because we use solar panels and have to save energy. But you will have light at night and you have the chance to charge your camera. There is no Wi-Fi at the Lodge and most of the Cellphones don't work. Only if you have a Claro sim card you can climb up the tower and get a connection.

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