Caiman Program 5Days/4Nights

caim torre

Come and visit the amazing Amazon forest Cuyabeno and live a real adventure in the jungle for 4 or 5 days.caim canoa
Caiman Lodge is one of the best places in the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve, near the Laguna Grande and accessible by canoe all year, not Depending on the season. Caiman Lodge is the newest Lodge in Cuyabeno and was designed and built by two of the MOST experienced guides and Cuyabeno managers. It can Accommodate 40 People Have triple, quadruple, quintuple, and matrimonial rooms; each room with Its own private bathroom and hot water.

There is also an area to relax, hammocks and an impressive bird observation tower with a great view from the seventh floor of the lagoon and the jungle. All our Guests have the assistance of an accredited naturalist guide, a licensed driver and Caiman Lodge Canoe Crew.The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve protects 603.380 hectares of primary rain forest. Located just on the equator, in mon caimthe northeast area of the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest, Cuyabeno is home to many different communities, each one with its own cultural identity. 

Itinerary 5Days/4Nights

Day 1 Arrive Lago Agrio
We will meet in Lago Agrio at 9:00 am where we take a private transportation to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, there have lunch. At this point, visitors will address the canoe. Here our guide will provide information on naturist Reserve important recommendations and other tips to start the canoe trip two hours by the Cuyabeno River to Caiman Lodge.caim1
During the canoe ride you will see for the first time the incredible flora and fauna found in the jungle. It is also possible that you can see a variety of monkeys and other jungle animals, depending on time and weather conditions. Caiman Lodge will arrive at around 3:00 pm at that time, it will show in their rooms and relax. After a nap, we leave the camp to swim in the lagoon and watch a beautiful sunset, and we can see freshwater dolphins. Then you return to the cabins. After dinner, we will go for an exciting evening stroll. Finish your first day in the jungle relaxing in a hammock with a cold beer.

Day 2 Breakfast 8:00 am
Day hike in the primary forest where the guide will explain the ecology of the rainforest, medicinal plants and interactions between flora and fauna most bio diverse ecosystem on Earth. boa caimBack to the lodge for lunch and have time to rest. In the afternoon we will paddle around the flooded around the Laguna Grande to see the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve forest. (And if you are prepared to do so, we can swim while watching the sunset again.) In the afternoon we leave by motorized canoe to look for alligators.

Day 3 Visit Community Siona
We head downriver to the Siona community of Puerto Bolivar and there we get one of the indigenous women and lead to planting cassava crop cassava and with our help will show the preparation of its food traditions, Casave (bread Yucca plane). After this, the guide will introduce you to one of the last 4 shamans cuyabenoreservaof the Siona tribe in Ecuador and there one of them explain their worldview directly related to the infusion of Ayahuasca, perform some cleaning energy singing their songs that come from an ancient oral tradition of shaman-apprentice. We had lunch in the Community and return to the Lodge in the afternoon. For sunset we can go and enjoy the lake again.

Day 4 Walk in the woods
On 4 can paddle half day or full day in search of animals around the lakes and along the Cuyabeno and the Ant rivers, giving new rides in different ways with your naturalist guide, go swimming in the Laguna Grande or relax in cottage and enjoy the jungle! The program for this day is flexible.

Day 5 Birdwatching
Bird watching early morning (5:30 am) and sunrise breakfast at the hostel and 9:30 back to the bridge of Cuyabeno where we will have a box lunch and then be picked up by a shuttle bus that will take you to Lake Agrio to return to Quito by bus or plane.

                                 Includes                                                                              Not Included
Food and beverages (breakfast, lunch and dinner,drink;                             Alcoholic drinks at the bar.
water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice).                                                   Transportation to and from Quito
Accommodation: we provide double, triple and multiple                             Community Siona Reserve $ 10,00 
rooms all with private bath and shower.                                                               
Transport from Lago - Caiman Lodge - Lago Agrio                                                     What to Bring
Rain Ponchos and plastic boots Sunglasses,                                              Swimming suit, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, water bottle.                                                                                                                         

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